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    How to dismantle the LED lighting enterprise volume road run plot?

    Source: Time:2019-02-19 15:46:45 frequency:

    "The event of lighting a lighting event" (strictly speaking, it is an attempt to run the road) has been two weeks since the incident, but its negative impact continues to ferment.
    "The event of lighting a lighting event" (strictly speaking, it is an attempt to run the road) has been two weeks since the incident, but its negative impact continues to ferment.
    Before the deadline, according to the information collected by Xiaobian, the total amount involved in the “Shenyi Lighting Run” incident exceeded 20 million yuan. Among them, the most serious loss was Shengyimei Electrical Appliance Factory, which was owed arrears of up to 2.7 million, followed by Zhejiang. Jiaxing Yousheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has a total loss of 2.08 million yuan and a loss of more than 1 million yuan. Youyoujin Hardware Factory (1.37 million), Tiantian Express Junan Branch (1.42 million), Guotong Express (1.1 million), Technology electronics factory (1.47 million), Ji Shangji (1.16 million), Huihui fluorescent (1.2 million). Among the dozens of suppliers who have unfortunately placed their guns, many suppliers started to “successfully” squeeze into the lighting supplier system in August last year. The saddest thing is that there are several suppliers who even scored one point. The payment has not been received yet. It is not difficult to understand that they are filled with indignation after the incident.
    In the face of the cruel facts that the loss is almost irreparable, what our victimized suppliers can do, besides collecting evidence as soon as possible and cooperating with the public prosecution law to bring suspects to justice, we must learn from the "Single Lighting Run" incident. Do a good job in risk prevention of enterprises, so as not to be "injured again". After all, the current economic situation is still very serious, and the event of corporate closures will happen from time to time.
    So, how to dismantle the conspiracy of the enterprise to run the road? First let us look back to see what common characteristics of those companies that run the road: First, the boss has many unworthy social titles, such as the money bought XXXXX "President", "XXXX entrepreneur", "XXXXX philanthropist", etc., most of these bosses have premeditated roads. They want to increase their credit limit through these so-called auras, and roll more money to run. Second, the company's business scale is only tens of millions, it is driving a famous car luxury car everywhere, it is swaying and swindling; third, the boss spends a lot of money, even gambling addiction, it seems easy to make money (the world is so difficult, so chic That must not be the hard-earned money earned by myself.) What I said above is the characteristics of the boss itself. In fact, there are many performances in the prelude of the enterprise attempting to run: if the account period is extended, the short check begins to appear; the enterprise hits the "price-performance" advertisement, and then the price is lower than the cost price. Dumping goods, but also "ready to go public" flicker and so on. In fact, these characteristics have been clearly reflected in the lighting of the product, but our supplier friends have not found it in time and are highly alert. Everyday express delivery Li is in Shunde Junan, the earliest contact with Pinyi Lighting, and the highest frequency of communication, so Li first discovered the abnormal phenomenon of the lighting, he first sued a lighting, just hope that the lighting in the product When you have partial repayment ability, try to reduce your losses as much as possible. In addition, some suppliers have discovered various problems of the lighting of the product, but only reduce the risk by reducing the supply, but did not communicate with other suppliers, which led to the involvement of the "product lighting event" The amount is getting bigger and bigger.
    All in all, it is necessary to dismantle the corporate road money plot conspiracy, look at the boss's background and peace of life, and look at the company's operating conditions (especially the financial situation). To achieve these two points is to exchange information with other suppliers, and also to communicate with the business owners and their internal management personnel, to understand the real situation of the enterprise as much as possible, and to take timely measures to avoid risks.