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    LED lighting product
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    LED glass tube STD-T8BL-14W-C

    Name:LED glass tube STD-T8BL-14W-C


    product description:

    Input characteristics: wide voltage, wide frequency input, low harmonics.

    Electrical aspects: The built-in non-isolated high-efficiency constant-current driving power supply has a precision of less than 2% without temperature drift.

    Lamp profile: The main body of the lamp tube is made of glass material, which is not easy to deteriorate. The light source adopts aluminum substrate for heat conduction and has good heat dissipation effect.

    Lamp efficacy: The light source uses high-grade LED chips, multiple lamp beads, high luminous efficiency, uniformity, no stroboscopic, long life.
    Environmentally friendly, safe, non-polluting, RoHS compliant.

    Product Specifications:

    Lamp holder: G12

    Illumination angle: >160°

    Power factor: ≧0.9

    LED power / LED number / (LED2835): 0.2W

    Total lamp power consumption: 18W

    Lighting center illumination: 90lux

    Correlated color temperature: □2700-3500K □3500-5500K □6000-6500K

    Display index: >75

    Luminous efficiency: 98.5lm/w

    Working environment temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

    Working humidity: 10%~60% RH

    Storage temperature: -25 ° C ~ 60 ° C

    Light body and lampshade: glass material

    Packing quantity: 25PCS


    Packing size: 640*170*180mm /1238*170*180mm


    This product is widely used in the lighting of factory workshops, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment venues, subway stations, office buildings, exhibition halls.

    product description:

    ★All surrounding glass material, the light transmission is unparalleled, the glass tube and the aluminum substrate are directly contacted by the thermal conductive glue, the heat dissipation is good, and the illumination angle is large.

    Long LED life

    ★The lamp bead is close to the pipe wall, and the heat dissipation of the glass is better than that of the semi-aluminum plastic. The LED has a low working temperature and a small light decay. Glass tube without aging, brittleness, etc.


    ★ Large angle illumination, wider illumination space, even and soft light, no glare, no dark areas

    ★Glass material does not age and does not change quality, as long as new

    ★High light efficiency, spend less money to buy brighter light, reduce blue light damage to the retina, reduce infrared rays, ultraviolet rays to the eyes and skin

    Skin damage.

    ★ Good thermal conductivity, extending the life of LED lights

    ★Use high quality LED lamp beads for reliable quality

    ★ Photobiosafety testing through lamps and lamp systems








    1. 照度测试值为置点亮后30分钟后的读数值 

    The measurement time of luminance is stably after 30min.

    2. 照度測量值为常态分布佈且误差值为 ±10%  

    The tolerance of luminance is ±10%.