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    Special LED lamps
    LED human body fluorescent tube STD-T8GY-18W-C

    Name:LED human body fluorescent tube STD-T8GY-18W-C


    product description:
    ★Using the principle of Doppler effect, independently research and develop the planar antenna transmitting and receiving circuit, intelligently detect the surrounding electromagnetic environment and automatically adjust the working state;
    ★ Ultra-low lighting power consumption at rest, generally 0.5-2.5W, and adjustable according to the environment;
    ★ When the human body or the car moves in, it automatically senses full-load operation, 10-18W (0.6 or 1.2 m lamps)
    ★ Full load working time: 2 seconds - 60 seconds according to the environment adjustable, sensitivity: 6-10 meters;
    ★ Average daily power consumption: 4.8W; (8 hours of work, 16 hours of static, full load 10W)
    Wide voltage input, high efficiency ≥0.89 (≤100mA)
    ★ Input characteristics: wide voltage, wide frequency input, low harmonics.
    ★Electrical aspects: The built-in non-isolated high-efficiency constant-current driving power supply has a precision of less than 2% without temperature drift.
    ★ Lamp profile: The main body of the lamp is made of high-quality alloy material, which is not easy to be deformed. The light source adopts aluminum substrate for heat conduction and has good heat dissipation effect.
    ★Light tube efficacy: The light source uses high-grade LED chips, multiple lamp beads, high luminous efficiency, uniformity, no stroboscopic, long life.
    ★ Safety: The design is strictly in accordance with SAA UL standards.
    ★ Environmentally friendly, safe, non-polluting, RoHS compliant.

    Product Specifications:

    Lamp holder: G13
    Illumination angle: >160°
    Power factor: ≧0.9
    LED power / LED number / (LED2835): 0.2W
    Total lamp power consumption: 18W
    Lighting center illumination: 90lux
    Correlated color temperature: □2700-3200K □4500-5000K □6000-6500K
    Display index: >75
    Luminous efficiency: 98.5lm/w
    Working environment temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C
    Working humidity: 10%~60% RH
    Storage temperature: -25 ° C ~ 60 ° C
    Lamp body and lampshade: aluminum alloy + PC cover (atomization)
    Protective lighting: IP20
    Product net weight: 292G
    Clean box: 1.7KG
    Packing quantity: 50PCS
    Gross weight: 15.394KG
    Box size: 1260*440*280mm
    This product is widely used in the lighting of factory workshops, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment venues, subway stations, office buildings, exhibition halls.

    product description:
    1. Product specifications are: 0.6 meters - 1.5 meters
    2. When a person or other animal enters, it automatically senses full-load operation, 19W full load operation, induction sensitivity time: 10 seconds ± 10%,
    3. Sensing sensitivity distance: 6-10 meters
    (2) LED smart light tube working mode
    1. Use the human body sensor to control each human body induction LED fluorescent tube in the corridor or other specific places. When no one/other animals enter or leave,
    All fluorescent lamps are not lit (customized according to customer requirements), which greatly saves electricity.
    (According to past experience, garages and other 24-hour electricity can save about 80% of electricity)
    2. When someone/other animals enter and exit, the corresponding area body sensor sends a signal, the sleep LED tube is awakened, the power is full power, brightness
    The brightness of the 60W ordinary fluorescent lamp is reached, which is convenient for the owner to stop. When the car or the person is active in the sensing area, the LED fluorescent tube keeps standing constantly, when the car or person leaves
    After about 30 seconds in the sensing area, the LED lights automatically re-enter the non-lighting state, and each lamp consumes between 0.9-1.0W (customized according to customer requirements).
    (3) Installation requirements and maintenance
     1. Product installation is like the general installation of ordinary household fluorescent lamps.
    2. The power must be cut off before installation. Please do not operate with power.
     3. Make sure that the product is securely installed before it can be connected.

    Optical characteristics specifications:

    1. The illuminance test value is the reading value after 30 minutes after the lighting is set.
    The measurement time of luminance is letters after 30min.
    2. The illuminance measurement value is normal distribution and the error value is ±10%.
    The tolerance of luminance is ±10%.
    Product installation diagram