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    LED bulb
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    LED bulb3

    Name:LED bulb3

    Features of LED bulb lamp:
    1. The structure of LED bulb lamp is carefully designed, which has the same luminous effect as the traditional bulb lamp. It is a new type of energy-saving lamp instead of the traditional bulb lamp. The light source is made of high brightness smd2835. In order to prevent glare, the glass opal cover is selected, with soft light. LED bulb lamp can be directly driven by the city electricity, the product has wide voltage AC85 ~ 269v input, and is the best choice for office lighting and home lighting in hospitals and schools.
    2. Power supply: independent research and development of constant current drive power supply, with over-current, over-voltage, lightning, high temperature protection, to ensure stable product performance.
    Certificate: CE, ROHS certification: meet CE, ROHS certification standards;
    3. This series of products can be equipped with intelligent induction, human body induction, radar induction, etc., so that you can save more power, energy and money.
    "Scope of application"
    LED bulb lamp is suitable for home lighting, production workshop, office building, supermarket, shopping mall, school, hospital, parking lot, advertising light box, and some lighting places that are not easy to replace and maintain.

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