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    LED downlight / ceil
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    Down light8

    Name:Down light8

    Features of LED downlight:
    1. Led downlight is a directional lighting fixture. Only the opposite of it can receive light. The beam angle belongs to spotlight, and the light is relatively concentrated, with strong contrast between light and shade. More outstanding object, higher lumen, more set off the quiet environment atmosphere.
    2. Led downlight can keep the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration without damaging the setting of lamps and lanterns. The light source hides the interior of architectural decoration, the light source is not exposed, and there is no glare. The visual effect of people is soft and even.
    3. Led down light is convenient for disassembly and maintenance, saving maintenance cost.
    4. Led downlight has no glare, pollution, low energy consumption and long service life.
    5. The working state of led down light is relatively stable. If some frequent switches are activated, the light will not turn black or die.
    "Scope of application"
    Store display, restaurant, restaurant, etc.