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    LED panel light

    Name:LED panel light


    LED panel light features:

    1. Energy saving, low power consumption, saving 60%-80% compared with traditional lamps; high uniformity, using imported optical grade light guide plate and high quality atomizing plate, LED light can be fully utilized and evenly spread, Achieve high brightness and high uniformity characteristics;
    2, instant start, no glare, no sound; automatic dimming to maximize energy savings.
    3, using high-quality constant current drive, can still ensure the normal operation of the panel light in the case of unstable voltage;
    4, special circuit design, to ensure that each LED works independently, a single LED damage will not have any impact;
    5, no electromagnetic waves, no mercury, lead and other harmful substances harmful to the environment, free from radio interference;
    6, light, thin, bright" The light source is guaranteed for three years, driving for two years.

    Scope of application

    Hotels, conference rooms, factories, offices, commercial uses, residential homes, public facilities, schools, hospitals where energy conservation and high color rendering index lighting are required.