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    LED ceiling light

    Name:LED ceiling light


    LED ceiling light features:

    High luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, easy control, maintenance-free, safe and environmentally friendly. It is a new generation of cold light source. It saves electricity compared with tubular energy-saving lamps. It has high brightness, long light output, good light projection function and wide voltage range. The light color is soft, gorgeous, rich and colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, and environmental protection.

    Advantages of LED ceiling lamps:

    1. LED ceiling lamps are beautiful and generous, and can be used in homes, offices, conference rooms, etc.

    2, high brightness: the light source selects high-quality T5-type water-coated three-color powder ring type tube, the light decays slowly, the light effect is high, and the utilization efficiency is higher.

    3, long life, no mercury, no ultraviolet radiation, no light pollution

    4, high security, no harm to the human body, energy saving.

    An intelligent sensing system can be added to make you more energy efficient and more energy efficient.

    Scope of application

    It can be used in homes, offices, conference rooms, etc.