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    LED flood light

    Name:LED flood light


    The main features of LED floodlights are:

    1. The integrated heat dissipation structure design increases the heat dissipation area by 80% compared with the general structural design to ensure the LED luminous efficiency and service life; the structure design of the lamp increases the airflow heat dissipation channel.

    2. The sealing ring adopts imported anti-aging silicone rubber raw materials.

    3. The projection angle of the lamp can be adjusted freely through the carefully designed mounting bracket, and the horizontal adjustment can be made, and the installation is convenient and quick.

    4, special waterproof design, internal rain channel, special process to deal with the circuit board, even if the water does not affect the use of lamps.

    5, a larger dimming angle, more flexible use.

    Scope of application

    LED lights are mainly used in outdoor floodlighting, architectural decorative lighting, industrial lighting, sports centers and outdoor stadiums, ports, terminals, etc.