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    LED solar street lig
    STD-TYN-90W-C LED Solar Street Light

    Name:STD-TYN-90W-C LED Solar Street Light


    Product main product description:
    Product model: STD-TYN-150W-C

    Rated power (W): 30W / 60 / 90W / 120W / 150W / 180W

    Input voltage: AC85-265V

    Service life (H): 50000H

    Luminous flux (LM): 100LM / W

    Color temperature (K): 2700-6500K

    Color rendering index (RA): >75

    Light source particle 1W, anti-lumen package

    Protection level: IP65

    Housing material: the pole is all steel structure, integral hot-dip galvanizing / spray treatment

    Solar module: crystalline silicon 15-80WP (configured by load)

    Controller: special controller for solar lamps, light control + time control, intelligent control (the sky light is self-opening, the daylight light is self-extinguishing)

    Energy storage battery: fully enclosed maintenance-free lead-acid battery 12V17Ah—80Ah (according to load configuration)

    Light source type: energy-saving high-power integrated LED, rare earth energy-saving lamps (can be configured according to customer requirements)

    Lighting time: 4 to 14 hours (can be adjusted as needed)

    Light pole height: 2 meters to 4 meters (can be made according to customer requirements)

    Rainy and rainy day guarantee: 4~5 rainy days can be worked continuously (different areas/seasons) (can be made according to customer requirements)

    Lamp size: 752*128*304mm

    Packing quantity: N/A

    Outer box size: N/A

    Scope of application:

    Applicable to urban roads, residential areas, industrial areas, sidewalks, squares, parks, schools, villas, and other places.

    Installation Notes:

    According to the installation position of the luminaire, the lamp post is pre-buried. When installing, the street lamp is fixed on the lamp post through the street lamp mounting bracket.

    The cable outlets are connected as required (with connection markings). After checking, the power can be turned on and the street light can work.


    Street lamp installation steps:

    1. Put the lamp connector into the φ60 lamppost lamp arm, the depth of the nesting is about 200MM, and match the safety screw with the safety hole on the lamp arm.

    The M8 screws must be tightened with a torque greater than 8.0 Nm.

    2. Adjust the elevation angle of the lamp so that the light exit angle of the lamp reaches the specified requirements of the lamp, and then tighten the M20 screws on both sides of the lamp.

    3. The power cord must be a 3-core cable with a protective grounding of at least 0.75MM2 certified by the National CCC. The phase line of the power cord should be with the light

    The "L" sub-connected, the neutral line should be connected to the "ground" terminal of the luminaire, and the ground wire should be connected to the "ground" terminal of the luminaire.

    4. Insert the connected tube cover into the lamp post fixing bracket so that the wires and terminals are enclosed in the cavity of the lamp arm to prevent water and ash.

    The dust enters and reaches the dustproof and waterproof level specified by the lamp.

    5, the installation is completed, the power can be used normally.


    Troubleshooting and analysis:

    First, the LED light is not bright

    1. The power input terminal is not connected, please reconnect the input line to the input terminal;

    2. The power supply is damaged. Please replace the power supply of the same level.

    Second, the LED light source is not bright

    1. The positive and negative poles of the light source are connected in reverse. Observe from the outside of the lens to confirm whether the red line is connected to the “+” pole, otherwise replace the positive and negative poles;

    2, LED damage, use a reliable power test to determine if the light source is damaged.