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    LED solar street lig
    LED solar street light

    Name:LED solar street light


    These two control methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and time control is more energy efficient, but when the weather suddenly changes, through time control

    The controlled lighting fixtures cannot be illuminated in time to meet the demand, and it is not scientific to use the same time to turn on the lights all the year round.

    Therefore, most solar street lights now use light control + time control.

    Solar photovoltaic lamps convert solar energy into electricity through solar modules, and power is supplied through the controller.

    Stored in a high-energy lithium battery, the electrical energy stored in the lithium battery is transmitted to the light source through the controller, and the power is converted into

    Light can be used to illuminate.




    1. Long service life: the number of cycles of charging and discharging workers is >1500 times;

    2, the speed of the charging worker is fast: the charging speed of the ordinary battery is more than 1.5 times;

    3. High discharge speed: the discharge depth can reach at least 95%;

    4, the battery capacity is large: the storage power is more than 5 times that of ordinary batteries;

    5, easy to install: This product is small in size, light in weight and easy to install;

    6. The whole lamp has low cost: the component power is small (20W LED light source only needs 70W component, 30W LED light source only needs 80W component, 40W LED light source only needs 90W component, 50W LED

    The light source only needs 100W components, and the 60W LED light source only needs 120W components. The whole lamp section electric source line only needs 2 meters, no need to dig battery pits, no need to bury, no controller, greatly reducing material and labor costs.

    7, long lighting time: every day can light up the festival for 10 hours, 365 days of uninterrupted work;

    8. Intelligent optimization province: The intelligent optimization system makes reasonable allocation of LED light source, photovoltaic module and lithium battery to reduce the energy loss caused by unreasonable matching.


    Safety Precautions

    First, the lithium electrician pool uses DC 12V system voltage. If the voltage fluctuation range is large, it may cause the product to burn out, or abnormality and other faults.

    Second, warning! The power cord plug should be kept in firm contact with the socket, otherwise it may cause a fire.

    Third, do not damage the electrical source line

    1. Do not pull out the aviation plug by pulling the electric source line. Be sure to hold the plug tightly and pull it straight out of the socket.

    2, do not let the support legs or other heavy objects to suppress or artificially step on the electrical source and products.

    3. Please handle with care when handling the product. Do not roll or throw the product at will.

    4. Do not use when the source of the electrician is damaged, the power cord is damaged, or the plug is damaged.

    5. Please unplug the electrician source plug in the following cases.

    1. Remove the lithium battery power plug when cleaning the filter and repairing it.

    2. The power plug should be pulled when replacing the damaged lithium battery to prevent short circuit.

    6. Please do not spray or rinse the product directly with water, and do not place it in a place that is damp or easy to enter, so as not to affect the electrical insulation performance of the product.

    7. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble, modify and distribute the products and operate the product violently. The maintenance must be carried out by professionals. Otherwise, all consequences will be borne by themselves and will not be guaranteed.

    Eight, the lithium battery use temperature is 60 ° C - 30 ° C, beyond the specified temperature is not guaranteed.